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Mar 17, 2013 6:00pm EDT
constructive resolution of the problems confronting the country. gary, there is no political space for a third party to occupy. it's based on a presumption we have two extreme parties, and there is this great center to mobilize. and i'm deeply skeptical that there's room for such a party, and it would really play a constructive role. is it going to get worse than it is now instead of just looking worse? and are we enroute to the status of greece? not at all. i mean, the, i mean, the simple truth is we're almost close to a position where the status quo would solve our problems. that is, that is to say the expiration of the tax cuts pretty much take care of our intermediate deficit problem, and implementation and the cost-saving measures strengthened over time in the aca would deal with our long-term health care problems. so the we're not that far away, and we have other tremendous strengths in our country that would allow us to make the kind of investments to transform the economy, to deal with the reality of stagnant wages and a sense of diminished opportunities. we have strengths. welco
Mar 17, 2013 1:40pm EDT
authority. so kind of a tabbed phrase that gary gensler uses, chairman of the commodity future trading is that aig, this one in subsidiary almost brought down our entire economy and uses that to argue that maybe the cftc should be regulating activity among them as well as the committee in new york. peter has been very good. it's very effective at challenging the narrative. his right to point out we need to challenge the narrative in order to make changes to dodd-frank and to prevent the further acquisition of power by regulators who have already gotten a fair amount of power in dodd-frank. he's willing to take on what no one else is going to take on why is it the fdic became the entity in charge of the orderly liquidation authority. why is that the fed, which has no authority or experience in regulating insurance for hedge funds can suddenly become an insurance or hedge fund regulator? he asks the hard question. i do have a few questions after reading the book still remain open. one of those is good the orderly liquidation be a force for good stories properly for the first time? the citib
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2